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Get Tested! My COVID-19 Testing Experience.

Originally Posted July 4, 2020 | The Leadership Think Tank


In the midst of all of the acknowledgements of the racial injustice occurring in both the U.S. and the world, let us not forget that we are also STILL in the midst of a WORLDWIDE public health pandemic with COVID-19 still being a threat.

During the month of June my family and I actively participated in a number of our community's peaceful protests and marches. Though we wore our masks, my daughter insisted that we get tested sooner rather than later. What was the motivation and inspiration to be tested even though we were not having symptoms? It was to not only to make sure that we are not positive for coronavirus, but to also make sure that we were not asymptomatic carriers (since we both feel fine) who were inadvertently putting the lives of others at risk. We were especially mindful since we are African-American and currently living in the State of Kansas which has the LARGEST disparity of Blacks DYING from it.

So, to show how it works, I'm sharing my own coronavirus testing experience!

Here I am taking a FREE COVID-19 test available to those residing in Sedgwick County, Kansas through HealthCore Clinic ( No, it's not the most comfortable health test to take, but to protect my life, my child's life, and the lives of all of those with whom we have and will come in contact with, IT WAS WORTH IT!

I am encouraging others to get tested. Across the nation, there are organizations that are offering FREE or low cost COVID-19 TESTING even if you are not showing symptoms. Take advantage of this service and possibly save a life...perhaps even your own! Also, if you are an American Red Cross blood donor, for a limited time when you donate, they will automatically do a COVID-19 antibody test! Your results will be available in 7-10 days!

Like far too many of us, I have family members who have either died as a result of COVID-19 or have been able to recover once their household was diagnosed as positive. Even if you yourself have not been directly impacted by this virus, please have empathy for those of us who have. Please take this seriously by wearing a mask at all times when around others in public , by consistently practicing social distancing when in public, and by getting tested in case you are unknowingly an asymptomatic carrier.

You can call your local Health Department or dial 2-1-1 from just about anywhere in the U.S. to find a location that offers testing close to you. Or you can ask you personal physician to test you.

Let's Stay Smart!

Let's Stay Safe!

Let's Protect One Another!

Written by Angeline F. Johnson, Founder and Principal Consultant, Community Connections Consulting Services (C3S) and The Leadership Think Tank (TLT2)

#GetTested #COVID19 #YouCanDoIt #ProtectLives

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